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Micaela has read tarot for more than 30 years. Utilizing and integrating her B.A. in General Social Sciences with a major in Women’s Studies from the U of L in '96, this round deck, gifted in '95, has been a vital tool in her exploration of helping people navigate life's paths.   
The MotherPeace was created by women for women in the mid-nineties. The MotherPeace deck honors the 4 corners of the Earth;  it re-balances the gendered extremes, allowing for more creative options, and was created intending to offer hope and transformation.  Micaela is honored to have given hundreds of tarot readings enabling people to see the range of choices that they actually have in front of them.  Many, many folks have brought their questions over the years of how exactly to navigate this life's journey. 
While you focus on your question(s) Micaela shuffles the cards;  and imagery of the MotherPeace tells a story around your query.   Using skills of clairvoyance, clairaudience, mediumship, strong empathy, Reiki, and energy work, the story from the cards emerges to describe the here and now, and how one can choose to comprehend the choices and questions of life.